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Why You Need to be Cautious About AI Content

When and where can you use AI-written content? It depends. One thing is certain you should be cautious. Ashwin Balakrishnan joins the SEO Rant to discuss the downside of over-relying on AI written content:

  • What AI lacks that makes it a terrible idea to use as a replacement for human content creators

  • Why making a business decision on a technology that is still emerging makes no sense

  • Why time will show that going all in on AI was a mistake for brands

Why You Should Be Very Cautious Using AI For Content Creation

Ashwin Balakrishnan SEO Rant Podcast Banner

It's almost amazing to see how the digital marketing world has reacted to AI. There has been this sort of knee-jerk reaction that unless you utilize AI you're behind the times. But did digital marketers really dive into AI before going all in on it? I'd advocate that they barely understand AI as evidenced by the fact that they call it AI. As Ashwin mentions in the episode what we call AI is not even machine learning. What we're calling AI is actually a large language model.

Yet, despite this, marketers across the web are telling their audiences to go for it with AI content, content teams are being whittled down in favor of AI-written content, and brands are allocating tremendous amounts of time and resources so as to implement more "AI."

I think we're just now seeing that the honeymoon is perhaps fading. chatGPT usage is down according to various sources and users have been wondering if "AI is getting worse." This reminds me of when users started suddenly asking if "Google results are getting worse?". Of course, the answer to both is no. What's happened in both cases is that the novelty effect wore off and we started seeing the state of things as they really are (in the case of Google, the web is simply filled with crap content).

Even as the cracks begin to show in the AI movement, there is still and will continue to be tremendous pressure on brands to show themselves to be all-in on AI. This includes Google, who I think is going to struggle between showing they are at the forefront of the AI conversation and actually satisfying users in my personal opinion.

Long story short, use AI but be cautious.




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