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Top Content Myths SEOs Should Be Aware of

What content myths are being perpetuated and which ones should SEOs avoid the most? Missive Digitial's Himani Kankaria joins the SEO Rant Podcast to share her top content creation myths:

  • Why every piece of content does not need to drive conversions

  • Content marketing is not the same thing as content strategy

  • Why a good content strategy is not "set it and forget it"

What Content Creation Myths Should SEOs Avoid?

himani kankaria on the seo rant podcast

Bottomline: SEOs need a better grasp of content than ever before.

Unfortunately, when it comes to content there are a lot of misconceptions. One of the most notable, and I am so glad Himani mentioned it, is that content marketing and content strategy are the same thing. They are not.

Content marketing focuses on the distribution of content. A good content strategy focuses on the creation of content for a target audience from multiple perspectives including brand building and conversion performance together. I find that SEOs do a good job focusing on the conversion content and the strategy behind that but often don't see the larger picture and fail to produce the content that serves as the foundation for eventual conversion.

Not every page is meant to convert. Content is a corpus and some pieces set the foundation by building the branding, the authority, and so forth that eventually enables content meant to covert so as to fully accomplish its intended purpose.

To that, a good content strategy has to evolve as both the web and users evolve. Keeping an eye on content consumption trends is the job of an SEO who creates content. As Google has said, they are looking to adjust to the moving target which is user preference. Our job is to keep pace.



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