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Building A Marketing Plan That Stands The Test of Time

Does focusing too heavily on immediate ROI negatively impact long-term digital marketing success? LANC Marketing's Stephanie Pryor joins the podcast to share her outlook:

  • Why pushing conversions too hard can have negative brand, and even SEO, consequences

  • The impact of brand marketing on your performance marketing

  • Why you need to value positive sentiment during the conversion & purchasing process

Long Term Digital Marketing Growth Means Thinking Beyond Immediate ROI

stephanie pryor on the seo rant podcast banner

Focusing on immediate results is obviously not a smart way to market. However, really appreciating the long-term branding needs of your company and how they set up conversions isn't always fully appreciated. Instead, many go after "the metrics" by going after traffic, conversions, and whatever is more tangible. As Stephanie points out, that doesn't work as well in the modern ecosystem. Things like being top of mind are far more important than they have ever been before, especially relative to the recent past.

This comes as users want more autonomy and balk more at the idea of being pressured or urged into a conversion. You may get the conversion by pushing aggressively but that's very shortsighted thinking. If you push too energetically you're leaving the user with a negative sentiment of "I really wish I didn't buy that and I really wish I didn't feel pressured into doing so."

That kind of negative brand sentiment leads to a lack of return buyers and can clog up your long-term leads funnel.




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