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SEO Testing: How to Do It & Sell It to Clients

Celeste Gonzalez joins the SEO Rant podcast to share her thoughts on the value of SEO testing in the local space.

  • Real examples of what SEO testing without massive data looks like

  • How to sell a client on SEO Testing

  • Why SEO intuition should be embraced

Why Doing Good SEO Means Constantly Testing Things

Celeste Gonzalez on the SEO Rant podcast

In SEO the little things can matter in big ways. That's why experimenting and testing is part of the game. As Celeste shows, even small changes to title tags can make a difference for both rank and clicks (and to better build a client's brand via the SERP).

However, there's an art to SEO testing. Not only in terms of the testing itself but also selling it to clients. Clients don't always want to hear "Well, we don't know the real SEO impact - we need to test it." You have to consider how you package your SEO testing to your clients - especially when they are not large enterprise clients who have the data to better support "traditional testing methods."

Also, be careful here as you can't always apply one test from one client to the other. As Celeste mentions in the episode, both sites really need to be in similar "digital scenarios." Don't sell a client on a method you tested with another client unless you are confident there is a universality present.



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