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The Mindset to Grow Your SEO Career

How can you grow your SEO career? What mindset and attributes do you need? Crystal Ortiz joins the SEO Rant podcast to share her outlook:

  • How the nature of SEO and digital marketing forces you to adapt or fall flat

  • Why creating knowledge schemes is an SEO's best friend when advancing a career

Be Adaptable So Your SEO Career Can Grow

Crystal Ortiz on the SEO Rant Podcast

A thought from Mordy...

If I think about the people who were prominent in the SEO world 10 years ago, a good majority of them have expanded their focus. It's a trend I see very often - you start out in SEO but over time broaden your hotizions to use your SEO know-how and apply it to other areas of digital marketing.

For a variety of reasons having a successful SEO career often means pivoting into either other areas of SEO itself or even verticals that are SEO-adjacent.

As Crystal points out a lot of this has to do with the fact that SEO, and the digital space overall, are constantly shifting. Whether it's the Google algorithm evolving, new tech (like AI), or simply the natural evolution of the web - not a lot stays the same over time. Sure, a lot of the basic tenants of SEO are rock solid as they've ever been but the ecosystem we work in now is hardly the same as the ecosystem it was just a year ago.

It all adds up to SEOs needing to be agile to grow their careers over time. For the record, I would say the same applies to most professions within the digital marketing space... although not all of them have an ever-changing algorithm to deal with in quite the same way.




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