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Why SEOs Need to Understand Marketing

How important is it for SEOs to have wider marketing knowledge? Ray Martinez shares his insights:

  • Why being top of mind is going to be more in focus and how SEOs need to adapt

  • Why SEO without qualifying leads and lead costs misses the mark

  • Why not thinking like a marketer makes SEOs miss their target audiences

Why Being a Good Marketer Can Help You Be a Good SEO

Ray Martinez on the SEO Rant Podcast

SEO is about growth.

It's about growing a site, a brand, and a business. Because of that SEOs, like any other marketer, need to understand the wider ecosystem they operate in. For example, if user skepticism is on the rise then being top of mind is going to come more into focus. That means a different approach is needed (i.e., a concentration on brand marketing over pure performance marketing).

SEO doesn't exist in a vacuum. If the aforementioned marketing trend comes to fruition - that will impact SEO work. It may mean further segmenting commercial and informational content, being slightly less transactional in the title tag, or whatever.

The point is - SEOs cannot escape wider marketing trends and sticking your SEO head in the sand won't do you any good.




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