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How Not To Market Your SaaS Product

SaaS Solutions seem to have a hard time getting some good marketing momentum. Why is that? SEO Testing's Ryan Jones joins the SEO Rant to offer his take:

  • Why SaaS companies often show a lack of content strategy

  • The propensity of SaaS companies to ignore brand identity

  • Why when marketing a SaaS product you should not default to PPC

Why Marketing SaaS Products Is So Difficult

Ryan Jones on the SEO Rant Podcast

It is the weirdest thing, but for some reason, SaaS companies have a really hard time with certain areas of marketing. I've always found that SaaS companies within the digital marketing space have difficulty creating a staunchly focused brand identity. I feel a lot of that has to do with how conversion-orientated digital marketers generally are. That can be a good thing but it can also lead you to forgo focusing on the foundations of actual brand marketing.

As Ryan mentioned in the interview, a lot of the SaaS solutions don't have a real content strategy and default to PPC. Similar to my earlier point, digital marketers often think about how they directly drive traffic and conversions (which PPC is great at). What they often don't consider is creating a presence that has people come to them on their own.

In the era of AI and consumer skepticism, creating a strong presence and desirability that results in your product or service being specifically sought out is key. That's something that SaaS product marketers should keep at the forefront of their strategy.



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