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The Advantages of Growth Marketing Versus SEO

Alice Roussel joins the SEO Rant Podcast to share her thoughts on growth marketing vs SEO:

  • The advantage of looking at multiple channels for growth

  • The advantage of looking at multiple channels for your career

  • Managing growth channels that you are not the expert on

The Unique Advantages of Growth Marketing Relative to SEO: Episode Synopsis

The SEO Rant Podcast with Guest Alice Roussel

For SEOs with many years of experience, zooming out and focusing on wider multi-channel growth is often the next natural step. One of the unique advantages that Alice sees in going this route is the perspective that looking at multiple channels offers. Taking a step back and looking at all the channels and the full user journey gives your organic traffic context. You now better understand your customer's journey and this can indeed help you better optimize for organic channels, including organic search.

That's an important lesson even for SEOs who are very much focused on the craft of search marketing and search marketing alone. Having a wider understanding of the site's success, challenges, and goals can only help you make better SEO decisions and better navigate client and inter-department relations.

Another thing to consider when looking at growth as a whole is that you might be an SEO expert but it's very hard to be an expert on all channels. It can be challenging to take a step back, know your limits, and rely on others around you to work your way through the challenges on channels where you might not have the extensive familiarity that you are used to.

Whatever the challenges are, pivoting from SEO to wider growth does seem to be an interesting and increasingly more popular career move for many.




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