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The Scoop On Using Python For SEO

Greg Bernhardt of Shopify joins the SEO Rant Podcast to discuss using Python for SEO:

  • What is the programming language known as Python?

  • How Python can help you when doing SEO

  • How to get started learning Python for SEO

Surveying the World of Python for SEO: Episode Synopsis

The SEO Rant Podcast with Greg Bernhardt

As you may have noticed, SEOs who are "doing the Python" sneak a little green snake emoji into their Twitter profiles. But outside of having a rad emoji that goes along with it, what is Python from an SEO point of view?

Fundamentally, Python is a programming language that enables you to automate all kinds of data and processes that you'd otherwise have to do manually. So instead of relying on your ability to do some amazing things with a really long Google Sheets - Python can automate a lot of that for you. The power of Python, as Greg puts it, is the "ability to extend your capabilities." Python, because of the scalability via automation that it offers, can help you dive deeper into areas of "SEO improvement' and beyond.

The great part is, a lot of people - the late great Hamlet Batista in particular - have paved the way here. There is a ton of great content out there around SEO and Python. When you see what's being shared on Twitter (or wherever) about Python and SEO it can seem daunting. However, if you take it slowly and if you have a dedicated interest there is a lot of content available to you to better learn the language.




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