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The Interrelationship of SEO and PPC

Navah Hopkins joins the SEO Rant Podcast to share her thoughts on the state of PPC and its relationship to SEO.

  • How PPC has fundamentally changed

  • How PPC and SEO work together

  • When to consider investing in PPC versus when to consider investing in SEO

How Paid Search Has Changed, How It Relates to SEO, and When PPC Works Best: Episode Synopsis

The SEO Rant Podcast Banner with Guest Navah Hopkins

SEO and PPC have a very strong connection for a host of reasons. The problem is that keeping up with both disciplines is a job in and of itself. Both SEO and PPC are constantly changing and keeping tabs on each area has increasingly become overwhelming.

In this episode, Navah updates us on how PPC has fundamentally changed via elements such as the amount of automation Google implements on and beyond.

We'll also get into how SEO and PPC can work together, how various teams within one organization can create a cohesive relationship, and when to focus on each discipline. To the latter, there are various stages a business goes through. Depending on the business and where it currently stands PPC might be a more viable immediate investment than SEO or social media.

Navah lays it all for you in this episode of the SEO Rant Podcast!




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