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Why Curated Content Is The Future of Content

Yuriy Yarovy joins the podcast to shamelessly promote his Twitter curation tool, Dewey, but also to share his thoughts on the role of curated content:

  • Why content today demands curation

  • The role of trust in the content curation process

  • The future of content and where curation may or may not fit in

Why Curated Content Is the Hottest Thing Since Sliced Bread: Episode Synopsis

The SEO Rant Podcast Banner with Yuriy Yarovoy

When it comes to understanding the value of curated content, Yuriy Yarovoy knows a thing or two. He's the founder of Dewey, a Chrome extension that lets you save tweets and categorize them in folders (as opposed to Twitter Bookmarks which is just a heap of unorganized mess).

His idea was that what you bookmark on Twitter says a lot about you. If you're an expert in whatever field others might be interested in what you bookmark. Being able to organize your bookmarks into folders, etc. is a way of curating content. Meaning, instead of you having to scour Twitter for content, just have a look at what your favorite personalities are saving via Dewey.

This speaks to a larger problem, the over-abundance of content. Anyone who's anyone is spitting out all sorts of content these days and most of it is utter crap. That means you need to spend way too much time sifting through content in order to separate out what's good and what's... not.

To combat this, curated content has taken off. This is the age of the newsletter. Why spend so much time reading all sorts of content from all sorts of sites when only 5% of it is decent? Why not subscribe to a newsletter where content is expertly picked for you? (Which is why I subscribe to the SEOFOMO newsletter and why you should too. Do it now.)

The point is, as the barrage of content continues, people will need a way to sift through it all without spending a ton of time doing so. Being someone who can do this for people, being someone who curates content, has a lot of potential in such an ecosystem.

If you're someone who people trust, who people would rely on to have you pick the content they consume for them... then you might want to seriously consider putting out some form of curated content!




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