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SEO Testing for the Everyday SEO

Should you be testing your SEO efforts? What if I told you probably already are? Logan Bryant joins the SEO Rant Podcast to share his thought on SEO testing:

  • How and when to do SEO testing

  • How to measure SEO testing and when every SEO test can't be statistically significant

  • Why we're all SEO testers

A Guide to SEO Testing for Beginners

SEO Rant Banner with Logan Bryant

I think we all see the value in SEO testing. Where I think we get a bit hung up is when trying to measure SEO efforts in this context. You might feel that you don't have the statistical background or proper volume to accurately test your SEO efforts. But does that mean you shouldn't test your SEO implementations?

Does Every SEO Test Need to Be Statistically Significant?

No, not every SEO test needs to be statistically significant. I think pigeonholing yourself into that precludes a lot of great insights from coming your way.

As Logan points out, some tests are statistically conclusive while others are directionally informative. I've personally found that some SEO tests that are more directional have greatly impacted my SEO approach over time. It's not always possible to construct an SEO test that is statistically sound in the "real world." You may not have the right amount of data or you may simply not have enough resources to set it up. Logan makes a great point in that even if you do have a way to set a statistically significant SEO test up you may not have the time and resources to dissect it properly in a "live SEO setting."

Taking data and applying your intuition to it the best you can - ain't nothing wrong with that in many cases. In the real world - some data is better than no data even if it's a bit messy.

The Goal of SEO Testing

The goal of SEO testing is to get a sense of what works on Google's SERP and what doesn't. The goal is not to say that you have statistically concluded something with 100% certainty. If you run a few minor SEO tests over time and keep seeing the same trend, that's insightful as it helps you have a sense of what Google is looking for.

Again, the goal is not to walk away with 100% certainty about how Google works. Personally, that's not really possible in the true sense of things. Smaller SEO tests that point to a trend have tremendous value on your SEO practice.

I think it would be a shame not to engage in smaller-scale testing and analysis just because the outcomes are not 100% statistically accurate. Think of all the insights and trend awareness you would be missing out on.




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