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Like It or Not, SEO Requires Critical Thinking

SEO isn't a mundane process that can be boiled down to a checklist or cheat sheet. The best SEOs problem-solve and have a conceptual understanding of Search. Sarah Presch joins the SEO Rant podcast to share why critical thinking matters so much to doing SEO:

  • Don't use SEO tools unless you also use your brain

  • Why having a conceptual understanding is a huge SEO advantage

  • Why thinking critically about SEO is not optional - it's a necessity that can't be avoided

SEO Demands Critical Thinking

Sarah Presch on the SEO Rant Podcast

Having a more conceptual understanding of SEO and thinking deeply about it can open new doors for you as an SEO. I firmly believe it separates an SEO career that thrives from one that stagnates. Often we look at SEO from a pure implementation point of view and as we talk about on the podcast that can limit your ability to help a website thrive.

Having problems with and questions about SEO is inevitable. Sometimes you can go to a blog post or whatever for answers but sometimes you can't. Sometimes you need to be able to solve that problem on your own as there is no existing reference. Critically thinking about SEO in such cases is a necessity, not a luxury.



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