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Why Search Marketers Need to Consider CRO

Jonathan Berthold joins the SEO Rant Podcast to tell us why SEOs need to take CRO into account.

  • The need for SEOs to think about CRO

  • Why SEOs often don't think about CRO

  • How to define SEO so that it includes CRO

SEO and CRO Should Always Go Together

SEO Rant Podcast Banner with Jonathan Berthold

SEO is becoming increasingly siloed. The danger here is that the larger context gets lost really easily. The end goal of SEO is a business goal - it's to help sites generate revenue. Without taking the larger context into account we as SEOs can't truly help sites. That larger context is CRO.

Traffic, without conversion, is a limited construct at best. For all of our talk about doing what's best for users, SEOs tend to leave what happens after the user hits the site out of the equation. How is that, however, considering the user?

SEOs will often argue that CRO is not a part of SEO - so therefore CRO is someone's job to worry about. That's true if you take a technical definition of SEO. If, however, we define SEO not by what it is per se but by what it aims to achieve, then how is CRO not a part of the equation? If the goal of SEO is to help the site thrive financially then CRO has to be a part of that.




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