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Optimizing Your Homepage to Build Value For Your Domain

Crystal Carter joins the SEO Rant Podcast to share her outlook on how to build value for your domain with SEO by getting your homepage right.

  • Why your homepage is the most important page on your site from an SEO point of view

  • Creating domain identity with your homepage

  • What you should be doing on your homepage so that it makes Google think your domain has value

Optimizing Your Homepage to Give Your Domain Real Value: Episode Synopsis

SEO Rant Podcast with Guest Crystal Carter

Sure, having a great blog and landing pages is an awesome way to bring folks to your site. But don't spend all your time building a massive blog post while ignoring the most important page on your site... your homepage.

Your homepage is who your site is. If you get it wrong, it can impact every other page on your site. It's the first page Google crawls, it's the page most often linked to, and beyond. If you want to build your domain's organic search value you need to get it right.

More than any other page, your homepage gives your entire site identity. There are some really simple things you can do to optimize your homepage. Listen in as Crystal shares why getting the page right is so important and what you should or shouldn't be concerned with when optimizing the homepage.




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