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How To Improve Your SEO Job Listing

Paul Andre de Vera joins the SEO Rant Podcast to explain why most SEO job listings fail!

We take up:

  • Why SEO job listings are fundamentally flawed, more often than not

  • What a good SEO job listing should look like

  • How to align yourselves with a job listing so that you get the SEO job you're after

Why Most SEO Job Listings Fail & What You Should Do Instead: Episode Synopsis

Paul Andre De Vera on the SEO Rant Podcast

SEO job listings often seem like they're after some mythical SEO who doesn't exist, never has existed, and never will exist. Instead of targeting a specific profile, these listings ask SEOs to know everything about SEO and beyond. Not only do you have to know everything from technical SEO to link building but a lot of these listings ask SEOs to be content writers, social media marketers, and beyond. That's clearly a problem.

To make matters worse SEO job listings, when they do include a listed salary, often throw out numbers that are incredibly low. So not only are these listings asking SEOs to know everything under the Sun, but they're not paying you much to know it!

In this episode, Dre walks us through the problems with SEO job listings, what they should look like instead, and how you as an SEO can best handle an SEO job listing!




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