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How SEO & Digital Marketing Has Changed

Debi Norton joins the SEO Rant Podcast to share 25 years of experience as an SEO and digital marketer:

  • How dealing with clients & SEO reporting has changed drastically over time

  • What life was like for an SEO at the start of it all

  • Whether or not SEOs needed to know how to code & if they do nowadays

The Evolution of SEO & Digital Marketing: Episode Synopsis

Debi Norton on the SEO Rant Podcast

Saying "SEO has changed" in the past quarter of a century is painfully obvious. That's why this episode doesn't list a whole heap of cliche points about how the digital landscape has changed in 25 years.

Instead... Debi recounts her experiences and journey through SEO and digital marketing over the past two and half decades. From what interaction with clients was like back when the industry was brand-new to what you did when you didn't have a heap of SEO tools or even a modem that wasn't dial-up!

Along the way, we get into some of the age-old questions that have plagued SEO since the dawn of time... Do SEOs need to know to code? What tools are the best for SEOs?... and so forth.

In short, this was a nice conversational look at how doing the work and dealing with the clients has changed and what it really used to look like!




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