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Women in Tech: Where We're at in 2024

Lisa Schneider joins the SEO Rant Podcast to explain how we (men) can all be doing better (myself included) when working with women in tech!

Lisa Schneider

On a topic such as the treatment of women in the tech industry, I can only talk about myself. At the risk of being a bit too transparent (let's see who actually reads these summaries) my wife catches me all the time. I'll say something that shows a latent bias or stereotype about women and my wife will catch me. It 100% happens. I think it happens to the best of us (I'd like to think that because then at least I can feel better about myself). And I'm someone who likes to think they really try. When I was back at Rank Ranger LONG before this issue was at the forefront like it is now - I had women guests on our podcast for three months straight (it was a weekly podcast). If you look back at the guests on this podcast I hope you'll see that I consciously work to ensure women are represented. I run the guest procurement for the Wix SEO newsletter, Searchlight - I purposefully have women contributors basically 3 out of 4 months. And I don't really shout about it (no one at Wix really even knows I actively and consciously ensure we have women contributors to our newsletter). And I can do better. I think for my generation it might be an infinite process of coming into being - of constantly pushing ourselves to improve. For my kids, it's something my wife and I consciously try to educate them about so as to prevent them from having the same level of unconscious bias at the onset.



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