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Why You Should Never Go to Facebook Groups for SEO Help

Facebook Groups About SEO Are As Spammy as Can Be

Mordy Oberstein Interviews Jason Brown on the SEO Rant Podcast

Spam fighting legend Jason Brown joins the SEO Rant to talk about:

  • What goes on inside of SEO Facebook groups

  • Why SEO Facebook groups are a terrible place for SEO information

  • What fighting SEO misinformation inside of Facebook groups is like


A Look at the Dumpster Fire that Is SEO Facebook Groups: A Conversation with Jason Brown

When working at Sterling Sky Jason began a journey into the various social media platforms in order to be helpful to those in search of SEO help. Within two weeks of being on "SEO Facebook" Jason was left feeling "angry." While he was there trying to help people with SEO questions Jason says the admins of these Facebook groups are "clueless idiots."

How bad are the SEO Facebook groups?

Well, apparently, there's a fake Mike Blumenthal rolling around out there in the groups. He calls himself "Professor M" and it's clear he wants people to think he's Mike Blumenthal. Of course, the advice he offers is total garbage.

What's worse is that aside from the bad advice, there's just a lot of misinformation. People will come into the groups and ask questions and these "SEOs" will answer with completely inaccurate information. Jason recalls numerous times where people with real GMB problems came into the groups only to hear "there's nothing to do" when in fact there was plenty these businesses were able to do!

What these groups inevitably become according to Jason are forums where spammers can peddle their ebooks or courses or whatever. What makes it worse is that the average person on Facebook isn't a pro. They're your average person who goes to an SEO Facebook group much as they go to other Facebook groups for information. Except, unlike many other Facebook groups the intentions of the members of the SEO groups are often nefarious with the folks asking questions being unsuspecting.

The moral of the story is, while there are some good closed Facebook groups for SEO, the majority are not the place for SEO information. The problem is, most users on Facebook don't know this.

Kudos to Jason for jumping into these groups to offer people real SEO advice!


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