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Should Google Be More Transparent?

Google has come a long way from where it used to be and is far more communicative about its Google algorithm updates but is it enough? Caitlin Hathaway chimes in on:

  • Why Google updates are hard for SEOs

  • The case for Google being even more transparent about its algorithm

  • Confusion about where Google stands on the topic of AI content

Google Being More Transparent About Its Algorithm

How transparent should Google be about its algorithm? It's a question SEOs (and beyond) have been dealing with for quite some time. While Google has been far more communicative in recent years some argue there is still a long way to go. It's hard for SEOs and content creators to align with Google's expectations if those expectations are a bit vague. While Google does try to offer guidance and examples the devil is always in the details and some SEOs argue there are just not enough details.

Google, however, has generally been cautious about what it reveals about its algorithm. Its caution is related to what bad actors will do with the information. Google fears that should it reveal too much about its algorithm, some content creators and SEOs may try to use that knowledge to manipulate search results.

SEOs will counter that if Google is as good at identifying quality content as they say they are it shouldn't matter how much Google reveals. You can't fake "good content" and if that's what Google is indeed looking for then being more transparent shouldn't result in ranking manipulation.

And so the cycle goes.




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