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How To Make SEO More Accessible to Business Owners

Is there real value in making SEO accessible to business owners or should SEOs hold their cards (and their money) close to their vests? Crystal Waddell joins the SEO Rant Podcast to give her take on democratizing SEO.

  • The possibilities SEO creates for businesses and why they need to understand SEO

  • How to democratize SEO for broader audiences

  • Why democratizing SEO leads to a more confident business owner

Why SEO Needs Democratization for Businesses And SEOs Pros to Thrive

crystal waddell on the seo rant podcast

SEO is an undervlaued channel. It brings so much growth potential to a business. It is a shame that businesses don't take advantage of SEO. Part of the reason they don't is that SEO is kind of scary. It's filled with lots of jargon and hits on complex technical issues, etc.

That, however, doesn't mean that SEO can't have a "broader appeal." There's a lot of good SEO work to be done that isn't rocket science. Strong on-page SEO, tactical internal linking, and even basic and natural link building aren't beyond anyone.

It behooves us as an industry to create educational assets that help teach businesses these tenets of SEO. Some will scoff and say it takes away from an SEO's potential earnings. I say quite the opposite - the more engaged the general world is in doing SEO and thinking about SEO the more they will realize its value and true complexity. This, in turn, will mean more revenue for SEOs and more businesses invested in SEO in the future.

It pays, literally , for SEOs to provide SEO education.



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