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Why Structured Data Matters For SEO

Sam Torres joins the SEO Rant Podcast to discuss the wonderful world of SEO and structured data:

  • Why structured data is important for creating relationships between content pieces

  • On implementing structured data

  • The importance of not going overboard with marking up your site

Sam Torres on the SEO Rant Podcast

The Magic That Is Structured Data For SEO: Episode Summary

As Sam Torres says, structured data is a powerhouse that takes the guesswork out of what something means and beyond. Moreover, it can help create relationships between various pieces of content. There are a lot of opportunities to create interrelationships between pieces of content by marking up things like the author or publisher of a blog post, etc. In an entity-centric world, structured data is your friend here!

Simply, adding structured data to a page helps Google more easily understand what's on the page (and no, Google doesn't have unlimited resources so this is very important). Implementing schema markup also helps create structured relationships between entities (like authors) to your site and between one piece of content to the next piece content. (And, of course, structured data helps you appear as a rich result in many instances when the markup is supported by Googe).

One last note, just because structured data is incredibly important doesn't mean you need to go bonkers with it. Make sure what you're doing makes sense for the page that you're working on!

That is all.




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