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The Tools & Skills Needed to Run a Proper Site Audit

Brian Harnish joins the SEO Rant Podcast to share his wisdom on running a site audit:

  • What tools should you use to run a site audit?

  • Running a site audit on big versus smaller sites

  • Core Web Vitals and site audits

How to Do a Site Audit: Episode Synopsis

Brian Harnish on the SEO Rant Podcast

Running a site audit is the backbone of getting started with optimizing a site and is an important part of maintaining a site's health. The problem is, site audits can be a lot.

In this episode, Brian Harnish dives into the pros and cons of the various site audit tools that are out there. What many folks might not realize is that there are different tools for different sites for different kinds of users. Using the most thorough of all site audit tools might not be the most efficient way to work when dealing with a smaller site or where you want to take the audit for the client. Also, keep in mind, that certain tools are better at offering tons of amazing details while certain tools make it efficient to get a bird's eye view of the site's health. In some cases, the efficiency of a tool is more important while in other cases the depth of the tools outweighs other concerns. Each approach to site audits has its time and place. In other words, it all... depends.




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