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Getting Started In SEO: A Personal Story

Everyone has their own SEO origins story. In this episode, Munene Kelvin shares how he got started in SEO.

  • How he went from psychology student to content writer to SEO professional

  • Where community fits into your journey as a new SEO

  • His experience learning SEO from some of the industry's top experts

How I Got Started Doing SEO: Episode Synopsis

SEO Rant Podcast Banner with Munene Kelvin

We all have our unique path to SEO. I fell into accidentally as part of a role as a lead content writer for an educational software company! Munene Kelvin shares his unique "SEO story" that saw him move from pursuing a degree in psychology to being a content writer to ultimately joining Chima Mmege's FCDC where he learned SEO from Aleyda Solis.

Hearing stories about how SEOs got started in the industry is always a funny little reminder about how life takes you in unexpected places. Many of the SEOs community's most prominent members left established career tracks to become SEOs. It's more the rule than the exception.

And while it sounds fun and exciting, often that's only in retrospect. As Munene mentions, when he halted his pursuits to become a psychologist his mother thought he was out of his mind. I think that's something a lot of SEOs can relate to. I, to this day, have a hard time explaining what I do to most of my family.

I think that's why sharing these SEOs stories is so meaningful. We've all fallen into this "peculiar" career path that the "outside world" often doesn't understand. In a way, it's quite validating to hear someone's story about how they stumbled upon SEO and what that's meant for them both personally and professionally.




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