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How Agencies Who Sell SEO Snake Oil Are Ruining SEO for the Rest of Us! Episode #5

How and Why SEO Agencies Mislead Their Clients: Summary of Episode #5

Mordy Oberstein Interview Andrew Optimisey on the SEO Rant

The great Andrew Optimisey joins the podcast to share his thoughts on SEOs who rip their clients off:

* How SEOs selling snake oil ruins good SEO

* Dealing with clients who were sold SEO snake oil in the past

* Why some agencies sell SEO snake oil


Dear Crappy SEOs Selling Snake Oil, Please Stop Ruining the Industry’s Reputation

Believe it or not, there are SEO agencies out there who overcharge unassuming clients for crappy work (I know, I was shocked hearing this as well). This, of course, makes our guest Andrew Optimisey quite angry as it ruins the reputation of perfectly good SEO work!

Want a good example? Andrew has seen an agency charge $250 to “maintain Google Analytics!” What do you actually do to earn that $250?

The problem is the client, in their ignorance, has no idea.

According to Andrew, it’s not all malicious. Sometimes agencies pigeon-hole their SEO strategy. At times you’ll see an agency think SEO is all about one strategy. So you’ll see agencies make SEO all about link building, charge the client a lot of money to do it, but then not produce real results (other than a large backlink profile).

A lot of this comes about as agencies scramble to show results. Instead of having an honest conversation with their clients, some folks cave to the pressure of producing something tangible. That results in things like agencies ranking your site for porn keywords (when your site is not about porn) to show a traffic increase. Yep, that was a real example Andrew has seen!

So, if you're selling SEO snake oil, watch out... Andrew Optimisey is coming for you!


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