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How SEOs And Developers Can Work Together

Can SEOs and developers get along? SEO and Klingon speaker Jack Chambers-Ward joins the SEO Rant to share how SEOs and developers can work more efficiently together by staging a site:

  • Why staging a site is better than using a wireframe for dev relations

  • How to keep tempers down when working with devs by staging a site

  • Why staging a site allows you better SEO input when working with devs

Oh, hi Mark.

SEO Can Get Along With Developers

Jack Chambers-Ward on the SEO Rant Podcast

The relationship between SEOs and developers can at times be a bit contentious. But as SEOs and developers do need to work closely for the sake of the site's success finding ways to bridge that gap can be quite important.

It's not personal. Strife between SEOs and developers often comes down to time and prioritization with each party having limited time and different priorities. As Jack points out, staging a site can alleviate much of the pressure. It's one thing to create a wireframe and have SEO input into that. At the end of the day, it's not live and there's a schism because of that. That schism often results in SEOs coming to developers after the site has gone live in order to make various changes and improvements. Changes and improvements a developer may not see the absolute necessity for and may not have the time to deal with in the here and now. That's where Jack's point about staging a site comes in.

When you stage a site you can actually see how everything all works together. What's linking to what or what do the site audit tools bring back, etc. From there you can make your recommendations to the developer team but without the pressure of "This needs to be fixed right now or else the site will implode." And that's just better for everyone because now the dev can fit that into their probably already long list of overwhelming priorities. Moreover, it lets you test and experiment before the site goes live so that you can make more detailed recommendations.




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