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Episode #3: Why SEOs Need More Automated Crawl Error Data from Google!


Can I Get Automated Error Data, Google? Please! For God’s Sake! - Summary Episode #3

Mordy Oberstein Interview Nati Elimelech on the SEO Rant

In this episode we have Wix’s lead technical SEO, Nati Elimelech with us to discuss:

  • How Google has done a great job advancing the SEO conversation

  • Why Google should offer more error data via automation

  • Does Google care about the “SEO agency?”

How the SEO Conversation has Matured

To be balanced, Nati offered his thoughts on what’s good about Google’s approach to the SEO industry.

According to Nati, the conversation around SEO that Google creates these days is far more mature than it once was. Whereas in the past Google’s conversation was centered around all of the things you should not do to try to game the system, that has changed for the better.

Now, Google shares a ton of information on what it means to make your site better and even be a better SEO. Not that we listen, we as SEOs love to twist and skew what Google says to whatever makes us feel good.

The Need for Google to Offer More Error Data

Nati is hot on the idea that Google doesn’t think enough about automation for SEOs. In this case, he’s all over the Search Console API. What he’s missing is bulk information about errors… 404’s, duplicates, etc.

Why go into Search Console when you could have an API?! This is especially pertinent when you’re an agency and working with multiple large sites.

Even what was there before Google deprecated the Crawl Errors Report API, the information was limited. For example, at minimum Nati thinks Google should give the aggregate number of instances related to a specific error. At least then he would be able to know where to start without having to rely on a third-party tool.

This speaks to a larger problem in that Google could do more to speak to SEO for agencies. Even in-house SEOs have multiple projects. To go back and manually look at Search Console data is laborious.

Still, if we got these sorts of APIs, wouldn’t we all miss the 1,000 Search Console emails all hitting our inboxes at one time?!


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