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Creating Content With Purpose Within the SEO Context

Ronin Bennett-Vonderostensacken joins the SEO Rant Podcast to discuss what creating content that is driven by purpose looks like and how that plays into SEO:

  • How to decide on what content to write

  • Why having real experts write content is a huge advantage

  • How to keep your content focus

Creating A Helpful Content Mindset & SEO: Episode Synopsis

Ronin Bennett-Vonderostensacken on the SEO Rant Podcast

At the risk of stating the obvious, you should not create content just for the sake of creating content. You want to create content that is beloved by your audience. That should be the goal when writing.

It's a little easier said than done. For a large publication that covers a broad range of topics, it can be hard to speak to a focused audience for obvious reasons. As Ronin says, it's OK to speak to many different audiences so long as there is a wider connection and umbrella it falls under. For that to happen you have to hire real writers with real topical expertise. Hiring a freelancer who is writing about 50 different topics is not going to cut it (as a rule).

That's really the key - content written with expertise. From there you can refine the content. You as an SEO can come in and maybe refine the structure of the content or adjust the headers, etc. That does meaning being a little more flexible and agile in your content creation strategy as it means putting the quality of the content first.

This is easy to see in the news industry as the content changes on a dime and you need to suddenly adjust accordingly. But really, it can apply anywhere. If you put the expertise of the content first it may mean holding off on a piece until more data comes in or whatnot.

Putting the content first, which is really putting the user first, is hard but it makes all the difference.



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