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How to Make Content Memorable: Tips For Content Creators & SEOs

In the world of AI content generators making your content memorable is more important than ever. Lily Ugbaja joins the podcast to share her thoughts on making content more memorable for greater brand equity on the SERP:

  • How will AI-generated content change brand perception on the SERP?

  • How will users utilize the SERP for content exploration in an AI-first world?

  • How do you create good and memorable content?

Listen for tips to help content creators develop content that resonates with their audience in the AI era.

Why Content Creators & SEOs Should Create Memorable Content (& the Tips to Make It So!)

 Lily Ugbaja SERP's Up Podcast Banner

I've said it before and I'll probably say it 100 times again - there's a wave of mediocre content coming. AI-generated content will open the floodgates as everyone and anyone can spin up a heap of content in a flash. This is exactly why now is the time to start thinking about how you can make your content stand out. As content becomes even more diluted than it already is (and it's pretty diluted already) folks are going to seek out brands whose content stands out and is memorable. Is your brand going to be one of them?

Here's why you need to make memorable content that folks will see on the Google SERP and beyond:

Rank Position Will Matter Less

There are going to be brands that are known for their content and there are going to be brands that are just another random site on the SERP. From this perspective, ranking matters a bit less.

How is that?

When I Google something related to a product review and I see the Wirecutter ranking... I click that. It doesn't matter if the Wirecutter is ranking #1 or #5... as long as it's above the fold or very close to it and I see the result, that is what I am clicking on.

This is what's going to happen but only way more frequently. As content becomes diluted by AI-generated text brands that put the extra effort in are going to differentiate themselves. They are going to develop a positive reputation and when users see them on the SERP they will click on these brands over higher ranking results of anonymity.

Where Does Memorable Content Come From?

This may sound odd, but to me, creating good content is a very inward experience. When I write well it's because I'm tapping into something and into a place of internal depth. And yes, that applies even when I'm writing something mundane. Because at the end of the day, we are always speaking to someone with our content, and in order to connect to that someone you need to connect with yourself and start from there.

Scaling back existentialism for a minute, and as Lily points out, good content also comes from actual experience (and I would argue expertise is generally built on experience as well).

Creating memorable content means writing from a place of experience in a way where that experience brings unique value (there's no sense in writing, "I went to Disneyland and it was fun" - that experience adds no real value).

Lastly, for content to be relevant Lily advocates that you need to know what is relevant to the audience. It might be great content but if it doesn't speak to the reader, it won't be memorable!




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