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Surveying the World of Local SEO

Local SEO ninja guru Claire Carlile joins the SEO Rant Podcast to share her thoughts on the wide world of local SEO:

  • Why did Google rename GMB?

  • The state of spam fighting

  • When should SMBs focus on SERP features?

This Is Local SEO: Episode Synopsis

Claire Carlile on the SEO Rant Podcast

Over the years local SEO has really come into its own. In this episode, Claire Carlile runs through an array of local SEO topics within the context of how the space has developed over time.


Despite the podcast's host being unusually and if not disturbingly annoyed at the way GBP flows off the tongue (or the fact that it doesn't), Claire remembers when GMB was called Google Places. The important thing is not to get caught up on the smaller details. A lesson this podcast's host should internalize. Good luck with that Mordy.

The State of Local Spam

Believe it or not, Claire says that local spam is not as bad in the UK as compared with the US. So while she dabbles in spam removal she doesn't get preoccupied with it like that Jason Brown guy does. Though, she does wish Google did a better job algorithmically at removing it. While there are cases where it seems that Google has pulled back some of the spam, Claire thinks that's more a per niche thing and that there is an obvious need for a continued push on the part of Google.

Focus on SERP Features?

Back in the day, when Featured Snippet first came out we were all like, "Get the Featured Snippet... GET THE FEATURED SNIPPET!". However, Claire's approach here has been about seeing what actually does and doesn't bring in more high-quality traffic. It's important not to get caught up worrying about all sorts of shiny boxes. Instead, SMBs should focus on the features that offer real value to their business. That, of course, is very nuanced and depends on the format and version of a feature as well as the nature of the query and beyond.

To this, the way that Google enables a business to showcase themselves inside of their business profile can be incredibly powerful. Subsequently, this means that you need to track what happens within the business profile and how it brings value to the business per se.




For more of the SEO Rant Podcast check out our previous episode on proving the value of SEO.


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