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Keyword Research Ain't What It Used to Be [Episode #8]

Where Things Stand Currently for Keyword Research: Summary Episode #8

Mordy Oberstein Interviews Andy Chadwick on the SEO Rant Podcast

Andy Chadwick, confounder of Snippet Digital, joins the podcast to chat about the state of keyword research:

  • How keyword research has changed

  • What it means to properly do keyword research these days

  • How to find real opportunity doing keyword research


A Whole New World for Keyword Research: A Conversation with Andy Chadwick

Andy Chadwick and Suganthan Mohanadasan have a different outlook than many SEOs on doing keyword research. They're all about depth and intent and while the way many go about keyword research is dead, for Andy and Suganthan, it's not dead at all.

Since Google isn't strictly thinking in the sense of "the keyword" anymore, in a lot of ways keyword research is dead. To Andy, all that means is that you need to change how you look at keyword research.

What he and Suganthan do is to look at an insane amount of keywords in order to try to get a much wider and deeper idea of what a 'topic' is. They even developed a machine learning categorization tool to group the hundreds of thousands of keywords that they are looking at in a given scenario. By assigning each keyword a category and then by showing which of the keywords in each category the site is "optimized" for, the duo can quickly see which topics have serious gaps. More than that, they're able to tag keywords with top-level intent (informational, transactional, etc.). All of this helps make their keyword research more informative and substantial.

The entire idea is to find categories or topics that you simply don't address on your site. Andy mentions that many sites think they don't have a gap. Moreover, they might think that a certain topic isn't relevant but when understood correctly can fit well under the site's umbrella. That's where Andy says sites can find real opportunities by doing keyword research and applying that research to their current content offering.


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