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Why E-A-T Matters For Google Rankings

Glassdoor SEO, Colt Sliva joins the SEO Rant Podcast as we dive into how E-A-T plays into ranking despite it not being part of the algorithm per se:

  • Why E-A-T and ranking goes far beyond just links

  • How E-A-T factors into ranking despite there not being an E-A-T score

  • The role of machine learning on ranking

Colt Sliva on the SEO Rant Podcast

E-A-T and Its Role In Ranking: Episode Synopsis

E-A-T and its role in ranking has been a long-standing debate in the SEO community. While prominent in the Quality Raters Guidelines, E-A-T is not a "ranking factor" per se. However, something need not be a ranking factor for it to impact rank. Machine learning properties have the ability to impact rank at the macro level and beyond. For example, RankBrain can put its thumb on the ranking scale by helping Google decide what kind of results catered to what user intent should appear on the SERP and in what proportion.

So while there is no E-A-T "algorithm" - Google is using machine learning to profile sites in order to match the site to its understanding of what good and quality content looks like. E-A-T as a score is not a thing but E-A-T as an alignment to a profile constructed by machine learning is!

There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding around this topic (and around the idea of meta structures impacting rank without them being a direct ranking factor). All the more reason why the conversation in this episode of the podcast is an important one!




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