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A Client-Centered Approach to Keyword Research

Kristie Plantinga joins the SEO Rant Podcast to share her client-first approach to keyword research:

  • Why your clients are the best source for keyword research

  • How to get clients to think about new query opportunity

  • The one question to get clients to think about the right topics to cover on their site

Leveraging Your Clients As The Ultimate Keyword Research Tool: Episode Synopsis

Kristie Plantinga on the SEO Rant Podcast

Your clients are the experts on the topics that relate to their business. Your job as an SEO isn't to go to a keyword research tool and pull out a list of topics/keywords for the site to target. Your job is to figure out what topics are the right topics to create content around. If your clients are topical experts then wouldn't they have a lot more genuine insight than a keyword research tool?

The question is, how do you get your clients to open up and share what these topics are? That's not as easy as it sounds since the client might need some prodding to manifest what might be buried under the surface. That is, the client might know the most unique topics to cover they just might not know that they know. You need to help them!

Kristie recommends asking a series of questions that helps them prioritize the topics that they feel their site can't live without. If your client feels (all things being equal and with proper guidance) that the topic is a must-have for their site, chances are it's also a must-have for the site's audience.

Bottom line, your clients are the source of information which means they are an invaluable part of the keyword research process. What a client can offer around the topics their site deals with cannot be found in any keyword research tool and it fundamentally can't be automated.




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