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What Beginners Should Know About Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of those cliched and monolithic topics in SEO. That's why Deborah Oyewole joins the SEO Rant to share what new SEOs should know about keyword research:

  • Why keyword research starts with understanding the brand you're working with

  • Why asking the right questions is key to doing keyword research

  • When new SEOs should and shouldn't rely on SEO tools for keyword research

Keyword Research for New SEOs: Episode Synopsis

Deborah Oyewole on the SEO Rant Podcast

Keyword research can seem as simple as using a tool to target rankable keywords with a decent search volume. However, this is not the way to think about keyword research, at all. It's important for new SEOs to realize that what they are reading in a blog post about keyword research is not the full story.

To get started doing keyword research properly, Deborah says to begin with the brand (a point close to my heart). You have to understand the brand that you're working with. What are their goals, what is their identity, what is relevant topically to their brand, and what isn't, is the brand trying to pivot - there are endless questions about the brand and the business that you have to understand before you ever even open an SEO keyword research tool.

Don't Over Rely on SEO Tools for Keyword Research

Because understanding the brand, its goals, its target audience, and beyond is the foundation of good keyword research new SEOs should not overly rely on SEO tools. It's easy to fall back on SEO tools when doing keyword research. The tools give you what seems to be concrete information and make the process very tangible. However, good keyword research is about digging in and asking the right questions about the business and its target audience as part of the planning process.

You have to define your goals and a keyword research tool can't do that for you.

Later on, you can refine the process and cover any gaps you may have missed by using the SEO tools. There is a place for SEO tools when doing keyword research, no doubt about it. However, that place is often overstated.




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