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How to Become an SEO Professional On Your Own

Kristal Audain joins the SEO Rant Podcast to share her experience coming into the SEO industry so that you can start your journey and learn how become an SEO and start a new career:

  • Why being invested in your own SEO education matters so very much

  • The value in finding your own SEO space

  • Why the road doesn't always end at SEO

How to Navigate the Obstacles and Become an SEO : Episode Synopsis

Kristal Audain on the SEO Rant Podcast

No one has ever said, "you know what I want to be when I grow up... Barry Schwartz." Despite how wonderful Barry is, very few people think about being an SEO when they grow up. Usually, we somehow fall into being an SEO. One day, we wake up, and we're suddenty Barry Schwartz.

The path towards one day waking up and being an SEO is messy. There are so many variables that play into it. For example, educating yourself about SEO is obviously important but how you do that really matters. Don't just sign up for a course or listen to a podcast, like this one, but take ownership of your own SEO learning by taking the initiative and exploring on your own. One upshot of this is that you may find an area of SEO that really speaks to you. As a result, you can end up specializing in a specific area, which can yield rewards for your personal brand and career.

Of course, the best way to develop as an SEO is just to keep at it and put the time in. That can mean all sorts of things from learning how to better communicate with other teams and can even lead to expanding beyond SEO. One overlooked aspect of being an SEO is that it naturally touches on all sorts of other disciplines. Don't be surprised if after some time you find yourself naturally pivoting and leveraging your SEO knowledge to excel within a new sphere of marketing and product development.




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